Meaning and Message of Reversed Hours

reversed hours

What are Reversed hours?

Reversed hours, while similar to Horas Iguais, are just the opposite . Although they are visually different, their spiritual and angelic message is just as relevant to our lives. Reversed hours are those in which the first two numbers are inverse to the last two numbers (for example 03:30 or 05:50). In total there are 13 hours invested and they are as follows:

List of hours reversed:

01:10 02:20 03:30 04:40 05:50 10:01 12:21 13:31 14:41 15:51 20:02 21:12 23:32

Each of these inverted or inverse hours has its own meaning as well as its celestial interpretation . In general, two ideas are represented about the messages transmitted by the hours invested. The first is usually related to the fact that there is someone close to you who is very attached to you. It can be from a love wish to one of a strong friendship . However, these inverted hours can also predict a betrayal that can appear in your life in the form of an hourly symbol. That is why you need to make a good interpretation of these reversed hours.

Meaning of the 13 Reversed Hours

Below we have compiled a brief summary of the definition of each of the hours spent. Remember that if you click on it you will be able to see the complete result.


The symbolism provided by the inverted hour 01:10 comes to say that there is a person who has been in love with you for a long time. You have to try to find out who it is to surprise her.


If you have seen this inverted hour, it means that there is good news that is coming.


There is someone who is secretly in love with you.


You have to forgive that person who betrayed you in the past and you have not been able to recover. Pain will only hurt yourself.


Get ready because soon you will have a good surprise.


It means that the person you love is thinking of someone else. It does not mean that something cannot happen between you but we will have to wait.


There is a person close to you who says bad things about you when you are not there.


There will be a change in your life both at the family and work level.

2:41 p.m.

You have suddenly lost something and this hour will help you heal and care for your wounds.


A family member or friend that you haven’t seen for a long time will reappear in your life.


Right now there is a person who is thinking of you.


The people close to you wish you a good prosperous year full of positive surprises.


Abundance will knock on your door in no time. Remember to know how to save and invest money for worse times.

Meaning of guardian angels and reversed hours

On a general level, the numbers that you can see on your watch will mean a different message from a particular guardian angel . For example, the number 2 implies that there is an angel who will make sure that you are never alone. The number 3, on the other hand, means that you need more independence and the angels are not going to accompany you.

Guardian angels will never leave you 100% alone, but they can test you. The importance of knowing how to interpret each hour will give you the opportunity to have the power to take advantage of that positive energy.

Linking the hours reversed with the tarot

reversed hours tarot

  • 01:10 with the bateleur and the symbol of the workforce.
  • 02:20 with the Pope and inner wealth and spirituality.
  • 03:30 with the empress and the important aspect to deal with intelligence.
  • 04:40 with the emperor and mastery of his theme.
  • 05:50 with the Pope who inspires confidence.
  • 10:01 with the Wheel of Fortune and the movements you will make.
  • 12:21 with the Hanged Man for a transition that separates the embodied world from the mystical world.
  • 13:31 with the nameless arcane for new projects.
  • 14:41 with the temperance of calling you to calm down.
  • 15:51 with the devil to represent temptation and nervousness.
  • 20:02 with the judgment that you will soon find balance and fulfillment.
  • 21:12 with the world for the opening in its broadest sense.
  • 23:32 with the speaker to use your potential honestly.

Linking the hours reversed with numerology

Regarding numerology, each number in the inverted hours can evoke the following signs if it returns frequently:

  • 1 : You will be able to make a fresh start in a while.
  • 2 : You need peace and harmony.
  • 3: Your relationships with your loved ones are perfectly balanced.
  • 4 : you are on the right path in what you do.
  • 5 – professional success will soon manifest. You will also have a lot of joy in your personal life.
  • 6 : You need more self-esteem to keep going in order to succeed in your projects.
  • 7: Prepare to do meditation and many prayers. You can also do an astral journey.
  • 8: After a long wait, stability will finally come into your life.
  • 9: A new chapter in life opens for you. It is necessary to be prepared for the changes that this implies.

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