reversed hour 0550

What is the reversed HOUR 05:50?

The reverse time 05:50, if you have been visualizing it for a long time, means good news and new changes . 05:50, represents new changes for your life, but for the better, in fact, you are about to witness new experiences , situations or experiences in your life, you will even meet new people or perhaps a new love, as well as a new project or job , whatever it is, you must make the most of it, because opportunities will come to take, once in a lifetime.

This inverse hour also symbolizes other types of aspects, such as communication or sensitivity , therefore, you must have control of your feelings and emotions and carry out all those projects that you are afraid to try , your present. It is the best time to make an update in your life, to improve all aspects of it.

What is the meaning of the reversed hour 05:50 in relation to the guardian angels?

The guardian angel, in charge of the inverse hour 05:50, is called Caliel , which is called the angel of divinity and justice . Caliel, being the angel of justice, will support you, at all times, to choose the right path towards any situation that happens in your life, taking into account social laws and respecting each one of them, in order to live peacefully, avoiding any kind of conflict. Caliel will always be by his side so that he does not lose his way, on the contrary, you will be a sincere person, oriented and with genuine communication , always telling the truth, leaving lies aside.

Likewise, this angel will also protect you from all betrayal and defamation , as well as support you against the injustice that is happening in a problem in your current life, accompanying you at all times, promising to strengthen your thoughts and ideals to be able to defend yourself against the evil in your environment. Along with this, his guardian angel, will be able to eliminate any fear or fear from his mind of him, even giving him the ability to predict the evil intentions of his social environment.

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No matter how many obstacles bring you down, you must get up and keep trying, at least this is what the guardian angel Caliel wants, for you, surrender is not an option, therefore, your angel will grant you justice , love and integrity , so that you and your family live in full harmony . It is worth mentioning that Caliel will give you the vision to be able to differentiate many aspects of your life, as well as your sense of perseverance and courage , in this way, you will be able to fight for all your goals and dreams, but being realistic and striving.

This reverse hour, together with your guardian angel, define your future personality , as pure understanding, you will be able to understand many experiences of your life, attacking pessimism and little hope to strengthen them, and be able to feel with great faith before everything you want achieve in your life. You, as a human being, are sensitive , because this hour symbolizes sensitivity as a quality , because this is what your friends and family value most about you, because sensitivity makes you a trustworthy and very human person.

The abuse of power, you have been living it in your life since you were little, for this reason, you try to help others who suffer the same as you suffered. In this way, you also hate lies , therefore, you are capable of never forgiving that person you once loved, even if it is a white lie, and finally, you do not like immaturity or mischief, your mentality is evolving.

What is the relationship of the reversed hour 05:50 with numerology?

The number 55, in numerology, can mean gain in your life , since you are capable of projecting your goals and conquering them , thus overcoming all the obstacles that stand in your way, but be careful, you must know how to balance your qualities and not convert them. in defects, do not generate egocentrism or narcissism in you, be humble and generate good company in your social and family environment.

The number 55 also means that you must analyze each action you take, and think, before giving a verdict in any debate or conversation, since, each opportunity that comes into your life, you must take advantage of it one hundred , always taking into account if is your person at risk or not . In addition to this, your patience, wisdom and diplomacy will only be enhanced if you do your part, remember, fear is just one more obstacle of all those you have managed to overcome.

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This number is very relevant, even being important for progress in your life, defining it as the freedom that you will soon have, by eliminating the attachment that you had, perhaps to people in your family environment, as well as, little by little, you will go boosting your optimism , being positive in every situation in your life, good or bad.

What is the relationship of the reversed hour 05:50 with the tarot?

The relationship of this inverse hour, with the tarot, is based on your own emotions , lately you have felt many instincts and thoughts , which you must pay attention to, enough of letting yourself be guided by the rest, and follow your own path, forging it from scratch , but taking advantage of every positive aspect of the opportunities that will come into your life, your feelings and emotions , are a perfect guide, to embark on the dream path, with the goals and objectives one hundred percent fulfilled.

Positive and negative aspects of the hour 05:50

Positive aspects

  • Success in your future projects
  • Fears and fears will be eliminated from your life
  • Your emotions will balance
  • Your instincts and thoughts will be the basis, to be able to exercise an appropriate path
  • Thinking before acting will be your greatest quality

negative aspects

  • Narcissism and egocentrism, with a high level of carrying it into his life
  • You must balance your emotions, since your sensitivity may work against you


Finally, we can say that the inverse time 05:50 can help us on the road to success , but we must know how to manage our new opportunities, so as not to fall into the abyss of selfishness, ego and narcissism.

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Questions and answers

What does the inverted hour 05:50 mean?

This hour means that your parents are going to have very positive news regarding health and work.

Is there something wrong with the time 05:50 ?

This hour is completely healing and has no negative aspects.

It is related to the planet of Mars.

It is related to the month of May.

It is linked to the animal of the religious amantis.

It represents the color sapphire.

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