reversed hour 0440

What is the reversed hour 04:40?

If you woke up very early and when you saw the time, it was 04:40, this may have meaning for you, since this reverse time has many definitions. The reverse hour 04:40 talks about betrayal, authority, rigidity, maturity, love and pessimism , the guardian angels are not happy with the latest events in your life, especially in the decisions you have made , together with certain attitudes, therefore, you must study if there is any betrayal in your social coexistence, creating authority to be able to face a certain situation.

This inverse hour can also mean protection , you should take more care of your family, your partner, your friends or your children, give them attention and have more time for them, and not move away from the environment that loves you.

What is the meaning of the reversed hour 04:40 in relation to the guardian angels?

The guardian angel in charge of this inverse hour is called Mebahel , who will provide a lot of help to your life, in the aspect of business, or future projects. The guardian angel wants to keep you away from all negative energies , such as jealousy or possession, therefore, he wants to take care of your love relationship, apart from this, Mebahel, he will fill you with a lot of wisdom to carry out your projects productively, without letting yourself be carried away by laziness

Another point in favor, about the inverse time 04:40, is that you will be able to feel certain signs or premonitions , therefore, before any situation happens, you will have the gift of feeling, sensations or feelings, before pass the action The guardian angel Mebahel will help you in your social and love relationships , filling them with emotional and physical balance. As a result, you will be a winner in any social setting.

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Your guardian angel also has good news for you, regarding love and family , since if you are in an important love relationship for a long time, the guardian angel Mebahel will strengthen your love for that person , making your relationship between peace and serenity. Regarding the family, you will be able to foster one, with future children , who will have a divine growth, since your guardian angel trusts that, from the desire, will come a spirit of love and kindness.

If your love relationship is broken, or about to break, don’t worry, the inverse time 04:40 indicates that the guardian angel Mebahel will come to both lives to heal them and that their love is not destroyed. Emotional dependence, jealousy, possession and mistrust will go away forever, thus entering a formal, stable and non-judgmental relationship , ready for a healthy marriage, which will be blessed by the guardian angel Mebahel. Exclusivity will be present in your relationship , therefore, you should not worry about negative energies, or distrust, your partner really loves you.

In this inverse hour 04:40, the guardian angel Mebahel will protect and help you , with all the complexes that you have in your personality, the sense of inferiority, it will go away forever, creating a new mentality in you , since, You will feel more confident and able to do things you thought you couldn’t. The guardian angel is here to stay, you must welcome him with open arms, since he only wants the best for you , he wants you to have a real and focused perception of what life is, and that you can live better with his environment , without thinking, that he is not capable of achieving everything he sets out to do.

What is the relationship of the reversed hour 04:40 with numerology?

The inverse hour 04:40, in numerology, has a slightly different meaning from those seen above. The number 44, in numerology, means a balance of ideas in your day to day , as well as success in future projects that you want to carry out, as such, a direct approach, concentrated on the achievements that you want to capture in your lifetime.

The number 44, in this aspect, means north, south, east, west , as well as water, fire, earth and air , for which they are directly related to what was said above, he balanced his ideas based on the projects futures. In the professional field, the number 44 means that you will have innovative ideas for your field , work or your projects in general, therefore, you will be a person with excellent dynamism.

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Now, in love or social relationships, you will be a respected person, according to numerology, since the number 44 means that you have very well instilled values ​​which you will use in communication and the social environment . The 44th also defines the person as materialistic, therefore, you will succeed in having everything you want, clothes, telephone, accessories and so on, but you must control this, and not allow yourself to be consumed by greed and ego , leaving his humility intact, setting the example to follow.

What is the relationship of the reversed hour 04:40 with the tarot?

The relationship that the reverse hour 04:40 has, with the tarot, are the negative energies, which you must push away, focusing on the essential, if possible, using meditation as a tool to focus , remember, your guardian angel will never is going to give up, so you don’t have to feel alone in every problematic situation in your life.

Positive and negative aspects of the hour 04:40

Positive aspects

  • multiple definitions
  • Improvement in personal and loving relationships
  • Economic and material success
  • Emotional balance
  • well-structured ideals

negative aspects

  • Negative energies will come into your life, you must know how to deal with this specific aspect


The hour 04:40 must be taken carefully, as it has many positive aspects, these could change your personality, so we must always trust our guardian angel , to be able to deal with these emotional conflicts. The inverse hours have varied meanings, so we must know how to adapt to our lives , experiences and situations, and always remember that the positive aspects of our life.

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Questions and answers

What does the inverted time 04:40 mean?

This hour reflects that a very interesting and productive new friendship is going to appear in your life.

Is there something wrong with the time 04:40 ?

You may lose a friendship that is not contributing anything to your life.

It is related to the planet Earth.

It is related to the month of April.

It is linked to the animal of the butterfly.

It represents the loose blue color.

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