reversed hour 0330

What is the reversed hour 03:30?

If lately, you have been visualizing the reverse time 03:30 , believe me, we have good news for your life. The inverse hour 03:30, represents harmony , therefore, you will find that peace and serenity that you were looking for so much for yourself, your social and family environment, on the other hand, this hour can also mean optimism , family and even confidence, for which, you must focus on the positive aspects that have touched your life, and not pay attention to the negative, stay a minute thinking about each of the achievements of your life, goals achieved and those that are missing, and just thinking about this, you will let negative energies flow away from your thoughts.

What is the meaning of the reversed hour 03:30 in relation to the guardian angels?

As in every definition of guardian angels, in this one, the one in charge of sending you information through this reverse hour is the angel Lauviah , who portrays the hour 03:30, as a premonition , signs, love and feelings, which They will be embodied in your deepest dreams, to send you signals about specific situations that occur in your daily life. Your guardian angel wants you to improve psychologically and telepathically, therefore, you should pay more attention to your dreams to find the meaning of some experiences in your life, thus, you will be more attentive to possible problems that may interrupt your peace.

If you have been very sad lately, do not worry, the guardian angel Lauviah is with you to appease all these negative emotions , therefore, depression, anxiety, fear, madness, fear or anguish will gradually come out of your life, melancholy will no longer be an option for you, and, on the contrary, only peace, tranquility, happiness and serenity will come to you.

If you have not had a good night in the last days and you have not been able to sleep, the guardian angel Lauviah, through the inverse time 03:30, informs you that all evil of insomnia for your person will be eliminated immediately , being the protector of his nights , since, as we said before, he will also send signals while he sleeps, therefore, he must be aware of what he dreams of. The guardian angel also sends cosmic signals and you will be able to understand them, all this while he is in an unconscious state, while he is in a deep dream. Lauviah recommends using meditation to alleviate your day-to-day problems, as this will make you come into contact with peace and with yourself.

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If your talent is singing, and music in general, there is good news for you. The angel Lauviah, indicates that his taste for music, and his talent for singing , will be enhanced , that is, this wonderful gift that he received at birth, will be perfected, of course, he must do his part, training every day , the muscles of the vocal cords . This point is also linked by philosophical tastes or poetry, since the guardian angel Lauviah considers that you are a visionary person , wanting him to enhance your knowledge to understand all the branches of each of these talents that you possess. .

If you are a person who gets excited very quickly about life situations, be it love, social or work relationships, the angel Lauviah will be there for you, so that you do not get clouded by false paths , but more Well, that you can easily witness the right path to your real life, he knows that lack of knowledge can create wrong behaviors , therefore, he will guide you as if you were blind, and with this support, you can have a correct behavior , even if it is in the wrong way. On the other hand, your stubborn mentality will be restored, to empower your mind and be more open to any debate or argument that is proposed to you.

What is the relationship of the reversed hour 03:30 with numerology?

In numerology, the reverse hour, 03:30, has a very powerful definition, since the number 33 means success and good luck , for your next business endeavors, or any type of goal or dream invention. The number 33, in your life, means that you will be able to dialogue or start conversations with your social environment, more easily , thus creating an advantage when doing business, or starting conversations with important people of the same ruble .

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With these aspects said, in numerology, the number 33 indicates that you will be able to control negative emotions, therefore, you will be able to balance your mind at any time, with respect to situations or experiences that are deteriorating your life at that moment. . We must say that these definitions create in you a specific ambition about what you want from life , generating a link between your physique, mind and spirit, thus creating a new you, with great success in business, in communication and, therefore, in life.

What is the relationship of the reversed hour 03:30 with the tarot?

The relationship with the tarot, about this inverse hour , is happiness, since you must focus on the positive, on success and on what adds to you and never subtracts , good customs must be permanently, but the negative must be eliminated, so that it never comes to destroy your dreams and hopes.

Positive and negative aspects of the hour 03:30

Positive aspects

  • Greater control of emotions
  • success in your life
  • Full control in communication
  • Link person with their guardian angel
  • Premonition in dreams

negative aspects

  • 3:30 in the morning, means the time of dead time


The inverse hours will always have very peculiar meanings and various definitions, but only we can give it a true use, acting based on these concepts, but without expecting everything to come to us, alone, in our lives, so get down to business. work, and improve your quality of life while your guardian angel accompanies you at all times.

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Questions and answers

What does the inverted time 03:30 mean?

This hour predicts an increase in energy in your body and a feeling of power with all the new challenges.

Is there something wrong with the time 03:30 ?

The “negative” aspect is that you will be less sleepy and will not need to rest as much.

It is related to the planet of Mars.

It is related to the month of December.

It is linked to the animal of the Elephant.

It represents the strong blue color.

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