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Mirror hour meaning 23:23

Do you want to know the integral meaning of the mirror hour 23:23? On this occasion, we address its meaning from various perspectives , such as numerology, the Marseille tarot and the influence of guardian angels.

The purpose, without a doubt, is to send a message to our conscious mind. However, to respond in the best possible way, you should know how to interpret it. Next, we tell you everything you need to know about it. Check out:

Meaning of 23:23 with the Guardian Angels

If you are frequently seeing the mirror hour 23:23, it means that the guardian angels have a message and, probably, a mission for you. They want you to be clear that they are available to you. In this way, you can be sure that if you have a plan to undertake or a similar idea, both in the field of love, work or professional life, you should start it, because your actions will surely lead you to success.

The mirror hour 23:23 symbolizes, likewise, a change or movement in our life. In this way, it is quite likely that we will start a journey, which is often related to our businesses and our work environment. However, we must take some time for ourselves, because everything indicates that this movement will end up influencing our personal lives. Even so, do not forget, it is you who determines the nature of this movement, and whether it will be something positive or something negative. You have the helm!

Guardian angels can be a great support so that you are increasingly a more open and flexible person . With its influence, you will be someone with enough skills to adapt to different situations and obstacles that will come your way in life.

On the other hand, surely you already know that you are a person with an innate gift for transmitting your ideas , and you also know how to listen very well to all those who are around you. Precisely for this reason many people talk to you and tell their secrets, even ask for your advice.

Finally, we must say that this is a period in which you are enjoying significant protection. So, do not hesitate to take advantage of the positive influence of the guardian angels in your life!

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Angelic interpretation of the hour 23:23

Haiaiel is the guardian angel that is related to the mirror hour 23:23. Likewise, it has a period of influence that goes from 11:20 p.m. to 11:40 p.m. On the other hand, he has the symbolism of boldness and appeasement. Thanks to his support and influence, he will make it easier for us to have an advantage over our opponents or those who wish us harm. Haiaiel embraces us with his protection and his ability to achieve our life with harmony in the face of conflict.

Thanks to this guardian angel we can start the true project of our life. Precisely for this reason, go to him and pray on his behalf if you are going through a season of darkness, anxiety or stress.

What does 23:23 mean in Numerology?

The value associated with the mirror hour 23:23 is 46; number that is related to a high level of autonomy. This would be indicating that you are a person who values ​​above all their independence and freedom. You are someone who tries to get away from those who seek, above all, to impose their version of things . You also distinguish yourself by having a personal opinion on things, especially the most important ones and, of course, for you, values ​​and integrity are very important aspects of life.

The number 46 also tells us that in the near future we are going to live an evolution in our lives, probably something that has to do with the work environment . However, this will trigger something positive, since you have enough capacity to work in the best way, as well as a work methodology focused on success and the achievement of objectives.

If you are thinking of exploring a new field of knowledge, this is the right time , because you will also have the advantage of having the positive energy of the angels.

On the other hand, you also need to worry about the state of your love life. You should not neglect the love aspect. Since, due to your characteristics, you are someone who tends to relegate this aspect and focus above all on the professional, work and financial aspects.

So, if any of this sounds familiar to you and you relate it to something from your past, you must avoid at all costs constantly reproducing these mistakes. Otherwise, there will come a time when you break down emotionally.

Meaning of the mirror hour 23:23 in the Tarot

The King is the arcane of the Marseille tarot that is linked to the mirror hour 23:23 . It is a card that symbolizes someone dynamic, bold and assertive, who tends to pursue their dreams at all costs. Next, we talk about its positive and negative aspects.


One of the most marked positive aspects of this arcane is that when faced with problems, you react with courage, determination and audacity. You believe that nothing can stop you and this , without a doubt, can be of great help to face various problems that arise in life- Likewise, simplicity and kindness are always in your heart, so your kindness will bring you good dividends in the future.

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In this case, it will be indicating aggressive or violent behavior. This will especially refer to your life in a command post . Be careful and do not be a despicable person who humiliates his colleagues or subordinates. This also applies to your relationship, do not fight with your partner as a first option, try to mediate conflict situations and learn to manage your emotions.

Archangels by days according to the time 23:23

  • Monday: Archangel: Zadkiel – Planetary energy: Jupiter
  • Tuesday: Archangel: Haniel – Planetary energy: Venus
  • Wednesday: Archangel: Zaphkiel – Planetary energy: Saturn
  • Thursday: Archangel: Raphael – Planetary Energy: Sun
  • Friday: Archangel: Gabriel – Planetary Energy: Moon
  • Saturday: Archangel: Camaël – Planetary energy: Mars
  • Sunday: Archangel: Mikaël – Planetary Energy: Mercury


In the professional field, we can say that this is the best time to accept the challenges that may arise, since everything will most likely turn out as you wish.

In love, since you are free like a bird, it may be that, for now, stability in this area is not for you, because you will not only harm yourself, but you will also harm others.

And finally, on the financial issue, things will go well and you will be able to solve some small problems that you have been dragging along.

Questions and answers

What does the mirror hour 23:23 mean?

Your partner needs you more than you think right now.

Is there something wrong with the time 23:23?

Over a period of time you should spend less time with your friends and pay more attention to your partner.

What animal represents the hour 23:23?

It represents the animal of the otter.

What planet is the hour 23:23 associated with?

It is related to the planet of Jupiter.

What month is the mirror hour 23:23 associated with?

It is linked to the month of April.

What color represents the time 23:23?

It represents the color black.

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