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Mirror hour meaning 18:18

Have you recently seen the time 18:18? Well, on this occasion, we share with you the meaning of this mirror sheet . To do this, we analyze some of its main meanings, such as the influence of guardian angels and tarot.

Take a look and learn more about its symbolism.

Meaning of the mirror hour 18:18 with the Guardian Angels

The fact that you frequently encounter the mirror hour 18:18 can tell us a lot about our spiritual life .

You must pay maximum attention to both your actions and your environment, since it is likely that you will soon go through a series of problems that will shake your life . With this, in addition, some doubts and questions may arise that you should ask yourself to continue progressing.

It may sound scary, but don’t worry, the good news is that the angels are with you. And it is that guardian angels can help you balance your life again ; Although, you still need to know how to better work the energies of your daily life to achieve your most cherished goals.

On the other hand, it is possible that you have already realized that you are a person with certain abilities on a spiritual level or in matters of esotericism. You are a highly receptive person, likewise, on the subject of rituals and magic . In this way, you can pay attention to this and try to develop these skills.

You must also be careful, since in the path of your spiritual development you can present problems, especially with people, so you have to be vigilant so that no one deceives you or abuses your good wishes.

The angelic interpretation of the mirror hour 18:18 also indicates that in certain aspects of your life, such as love , you are setting the bar too high. This is perhaps disappointing. So rethink this situation and take care of yourself. With this you can both improve your relationship if you already have it, and start a healthy relationship if it is what you are looking for.

Angelic interpretation of the mirror hour 18:18

The guardian angel that is related to the mirror hour 18:18 is: Mebahiah, and its period of influence is from 18:00 to 18:20 . This angel represents both imagination and enlightenment. With this, we can count on special support on the subject of spiritual realization. In this way, he gives us a powerful guide when undertaking the study of the spiritual plane, the sacred scriptures, etc.

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Mebahiah has the necessary capacity to transform you and your life for the better . Where ethics, doing well, is one of his main concepts. This will help us spread our ideas and carry out our plans, but in the best possible way, without harming ourselves or others in the process.

That being said, if you are frequently observing the mirror hour 18:18 in your life , it is time to send him a prayer and seek his support.

What does 18:18 mean in numerology?

The value of the mirror hour of 18:18 is 36, which tells us that fraternity and humanism are two of the most important aspects for us . We tend to be philanthropists, something that must certainly be highly regarded by the people around you. Therefore it will not be a surprise that I tell you that you are a person who feels extremely happy and complete when you help others. However, you should not let your guard down, since certain malicious people can take advantage of your kindness to their advantage.

The number 36 also means that you are a person who is continually inspired, something that directly benefits you in many of your daily activities . And it is that even if they do not say it, you usually surprise your friends and family with your ideas. So, if you already know, try to make the most of this ability that God has given you.

You are also characterized as a person who always looks on the positive side of things, you have an optimistic state of mind that you can benefit from when the rest only sees the “glass half empty”. Take advantage of this way of seeing life to help others and carry out those projects that you have paused.

On the other hand, your sense of community, of family, is also highly developed. You are a person who fully enjoys spending time with family and friends . Therefore, when faced with a situation of stress or anger, measure your words, since you could do more damage to them than you think.

What does the mirror hour 18:18 mean in the tarot?

The tarot card that is related to the mirror hour 18:18 is The Moon. Which has both its positive and negative side; Since this celestial body , throughout history, has had the symbolism of both fear and doubt, as well as femininity and fertility.

The moon also points out the spiritual side of existence, being able to be a guide for creativity and a great help for the interpretation of dreams.

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The interpretation of this tarot card is quite complex, so everything will depend on the way it came out in the spread . If it is good, the time has come to return to the best moments of your past, as well as to your family and home.


In its negative aspect, the Moon indicates intrigues, doubts and anxieties, sometimes nostalgia and uncertainty. It can be synonymous with the end of an affair and indicates that we may be living too much in the world of fantasies . Something that could be very harmful in different aspects.

Archangels by days according to the hour 18:18

  • Monday: Archangel: Raphael – Planetary Energy : Sun
  • Tuesday: Archangel: Gabriel – Planetary Energy: Moon
  • Wednesday: Archangel: Camaël – Planetary energy : Mars
  • Thursday: Archangel: Mikaël – Planetary energy: Mercury
  • Friday: Archangel : Zadkiel – Planetary Energy : Jupiter
  • Saturday:   Archangel: Haniel – Planetary energy: Venus
  • Sunday: Archangel: Zaphkiel – Planetary energy : Saturn


In the area of ​​love, the moon can symbolize two things. The first is that we are too passive . The second, fertility, the beginning of a family or a new relationship.

At work, he is indicating that everything is going as it should, although we must be attentive to changes that could come from outside .

Finally, on the financial issue, we could be living in a time of instability, but if we thoroughly analyze our past, it is likely that we will find the best answer to our problem.

Questions and answers

What does the mirror hour 18:18 mean?

It means that you are in luck and that a wish you have in mind will come true.

Is there something wrong with the time 18:18?

There is nothing wrong with this hour.

What planet is related to the hour 18:18?

It is related to the planet of Jupiter.

What month is the mirror hour 18:18 associated with?

It is related to the month of April.

What animal represents the hour 18:18?

It is linked to the animal of the dog.

What color represents the hour 18:18?

It is associated with the color white.

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