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mirror hour 1616

On this occasion we share with you the meaning of the mirror hour 16:16. And it is that, when we frequently observe this mirror hour , it is usually a sign that we are close to our guardian angel.

On the other hand, it is possible that it is a spiritual entity that seeks to establish some type of communication ; or even that it is your subconscious that wants to inform you of something specific.

To help you better understand the meaning of this mirror hour, we offer various interpretations below . Take a look and discover the symbolism behind the number 16:16.

Meaning of the mirror hour 16:16 with the Guardian Angels

Let’s start by talking about the mirror hour 16:16 according to the influence of the Guardian Angels. In this case, we must say that we must be prepared to face an obstacle in the near future. Maybe something that hurts our pride.

In fact, it is likely that the desire for isolation will begin to grow in you. Especially to think things through until the storm is over .

Since the mirror hour 16:16 clearly indicates that anyone can make a mistake; In the event that you find yourself starting a project , be it in the field of love, financial or professional, it should not be overlooked that failure could be a possibility.

Guardian angels often use the mirror hour 16:16 to guide us to a new beginning. Probably because the one we find ourselves in is not entirely healthy for us . Remember that many times you have to end something to start in a better way.

So, if you intend to take an important step in your life, do not hesitate to request the help of the guardian angels . Thanks to them you can enjoy a strong spiritual guide.

Angelic interpretation of the mirror hour 16:16

The guardian angel that is linked to the mirror hour 16:16 is: Vehuel, which has a period of influence on the day that goes from 4:00 p.m. to 4:20 p.m. Above all, it is related to both prestige and social recognition and notoriety. He is the ideal angel to endow us with enlightenment, intelligence, insight and wisdom.

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All these qualities make it possible for us to rely on Vehuel to establish better communication with others, even with spirits ; since one of its qualities is to provide us with the skills to be sensitive to the various existential planes.

On the other hand, the influence of Vehuel through the mirror hour 16:16 indicates that we will be better protected against envious, selfish and hypocritical people who may harm our personal, professional, financial or loving development . Vehuel can make us forget about anger and revenge and work better to face the obstacles that come our way.

In addition, Vehuel can be an important source of inspiration in the event that we dedicate ourselves to creative and artistic tasks in general.

What does 16:16 mean in numerology?

The value of the mirror hour 16:16 is the number 32, which tells us that we are people endowed with a special artistic sensitivity. We are good at imagining and creating, but also at expressing ourselves in various ways. In addition, we are lovers of everything that has to do with nature, which can inspire us in an unlimited way . So do not hesitate to reestablish contact with her (since with the current pace of life, it is easy for us to lose this connection).

Surely you also consider yourself an optimistic person, something that can be of great help when it comes to establishing stable and lasting relationships, both in the field of friendship , love or professionally.

You are also characterized by having a unique sense of help and adventure. Although, something that fails you on certain occasions is giving yourself a little more freedom to enjoy what life has in store for you.

Likewise, the mirror hour 16:16 and its value of 32 give us very important information about our professional life. In this case, you will have to show courage and perseverance. And it is that if we continuously see the mirror hour 16:16 as well as the number 32, it is likely that we are not acting in the best possible way in the professional or work field.

What can be caused this? Actually, the causes can be many, such as too much work, problems with a partner, or other types of discomfort. Although, it may be that both you are making mistakes and the people around you. So think about whether you are falling into bad habits and how you can improve your actions . Without a doubt, this will report good news in your day to day.

What does the mirror hour 16:16 mean in the tarot?

The Tarot card that relates to the mirror hour 16:16 is The House of God! It is an extremely revealing arcane, especially in case of a tie. Usually it is a warning. Therefore, it is quite probable that you will soon encounter a major obstacle , and that is that the House of God signals the end of something, a change that could be radical given our current pace and lifestyle. So you should review your current state and try to prevent this strong change from turning into something negative.

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Although after a first glance this arcane can indicate something negative, the reality is that a change is not synonymous with this. We must take advantage of the closing of a cycle to gain strength and create something much better . If we can achieve this, it will not only benefit us, but most likely the people around us.


As with any time of change, you will most likely end up going through a period of instability . Therefore, if you are undertaking a project, it is best to reconsider them or analyze their feasibility. Questions are always necessary and we will have to make an effort here so that said change does not turn into something negative.

Archangels by days according to the time 16:16

  • Monday: Archangel: Zadkiel – Planetary Energy: Jupiter
  • Tuesday: Archangel: Haniel – Planetary energy: Venus
  • Wednesday : Archangel: Zaphkiel – Planetary energy: Saturn
  • Thursday: Archangel: Raphael – Planetary energy: Sun
  • Friday: Archangel: Gabriel – Planetary energy: Moon
  • Saturday : Archangel: Camaël – Planetary energy: Mars
  • Sunday : Archangel: Mikaël – Planetary energy: Mercury

Questions and answers

What does the mirror hour 16:16 mean?

It’s time to spend more time just introspecting to get to know yourself better.

Is there something wrong with the time 16:16?

This mirror hour does not have any negative aspects.

What animal represents the hour 16:16?

It is related to the planet of Plutonium.

What planet is related to the hour 16:16?

It represents the month of November.

What month is the mirror hour 16:16 associated with?

It is linked to the worm animal.

What color represents the time 16:16?

It represents the color black.


On the subject of love, the meaning of the House of God can become somewhat ambiguous , since, as it indicates change, it will indicate either a radical improvement in a relationship or a painful breakup.

In the professional area, this can be synonymous with problems that could end a company or project. It may be that you need to start a new project or look for a job soon.

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