What does the Mirror Hour 14:14 mean?

mirror hour 1414

Next, you can know the meaning of the mirror hour 14:14. For this, we will use the guidance of angels, numerology and tarot.

Based on this, you will be able to make the best decision about the meaning of the hour 14:14 and its interference in your life.

Meaning of the mirror hour 14:14 with the Guardian Angels

One of the most important messages that the guardian angels try to convey to us through the mirror hour 14:14 is to get rid of those useless things in our lives , not necessarily physical, but also emotional and spiritual, or more abstract. If you analyze and consider that your daily life is not what it really should be, then it is best to start with some changes, however small they may be, but which in the future may be synonymous with an important evolution. Do not stagnate in a situation, free yourself and modify it according to your criteria.

The mirror hour 14:14 is also indicating that we are going through a period of inaction ; something that in our case, most likely, is related to the loss of time and instability. Remember that constant movement in our daily life is one of the main elements that “make us feel alive”.

In general terms, we can say that the meaning of the mirror hour 14:14 is positive, especially from an interpretation of the guardian angels . So, even in the situation where you are going through difficult times in your life, this indicates that they will eventually translate into something good, something that you can take advantage of and learn from.

The time has come again to take control of your existence, as well as obtain the fruits of what you “sowed” in the past with your plans and actions .

Angelic interpretation of the mirror hour 14:14

The guardian angel that is linked to the mirror hour 14:14 is Veuliah, the period of the day in which it has influence is from 2:00 p.m. to 2:20 p.m. Above all, he is related to progress, bliss and abundance. This is because he supports our endeavors for success. Thanks to Veuliah you will face your fears in a better way, you will overcome your limits and you will prevent people contrary to your purposes from harming you.

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Thanks to the influence of this powerful angel, you will also have enough strength to free yourself from your inner demons , so it is ideal to invoke it in moments of mental fog, crisis or to better fight against any negative energy.

All this will help you balance your chakra, achieve peace and internal balance.

What does 14:14 mean in numerology?

The numerical value of the mirror hour 14:14 is 28. This figure shows that you are a disciplined and autonomous person. It takes some effort to get close to you, and you have important protection against the vain things in life, for which you don’t usually waste time.

On the other hand, it is likely that there is a female character who is close to you and who plays a very important role in your life.

If in business you are experiencing some problems, do not give up, as the good news will arrive soon . We must always keep in mind that failure can teach us much more than victory. So dedicate yourself to fulfilling your work and you will see that the mistakes of the past will not appear again. Trust yourself and success will be closer.

It also takes advantage of your ability to connect people, which makes you a true diplomat. This can be of great help both on the subject of love and in family conflicts that may be happening in the present.

Finally, the energies that are interpreted from the mirror hour 14:14 indicate an important opportunity to achieve goals that we thought were already a thing of the past . This is a creative affair, probably artistic. So keep focused on your goals, as you may even be socially recognized in the near future.

What does the mirror hour 14:14 mean in the tarot?

The Tarot card that corresponds to the mirror hour 14:14 is that of temperance. We can interpret this card as a provider of wisdom , as well as announcing rest and tenderness. With the influence of this arcane, the time has come to take into account the pros and cons, place them on a scale, examine them under a magnifying glass and take the next step. Likewise, it is the symbol of the incarnation of patience to be able to achieve those goals that have been long-awaited for some time.


In addition to the aforementioned angelic influence, temperance gives us a marked positive character, which tends towards peace, balance and reconciliation . On the subject of love, it indicates the end of conflicts and the return of harmony. In the professional area, he predicts a period of calm, a rest probably deserved after having had a lot of activity and, perhaps, stress.

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Regarding the negative aspect, we must say that, on occasions, temperance could cause a certain inactivity or too much passivity . It could also be indicating that we are quite indecisive and cannot yet choose one of the options presented to us.

Remember, for example, that whether in love or in the professional field, that calm can put an end to passions. So pay attention to your partner, especially if you consider that you are not doing it the way you should.


We can conclude that the mirror hour 14:14 is more positive than negative, in the event that you are single , it is probably just a matter of patience before finding the perfect person for you.

In the professional and work field, it is quite likely that interesting options will be presented and that you can improve your income . In short, you will be satisfied in this area.

In financial and household matters, you are likely to find harmony and balance, and you will not have to face any major disturbances, at least not in the near future.

Archangels by days according to the time 14:14

  • Monday: Archangel:  Gabriel –  Planetary Energy:  Moon
  • Tuesday: Archangel:  Camaël –  Planetary energy:  Mars
  • Wednesday: Archangel:  Mikaël –  Planetary Energy:  Mercury
  • Thursday: Archangel:  Zadkiel –  Planetary Energy:  Jupiter
  • Friday: Archangel:  Haniel –  Planetary energy:  Venus
  • Saturday: Archangel:  Zaphkiel –  Planetary energy:  Saturn
  • Sunday: Archangel:  Raphael –  Planetary Energy:  Sun

Questions and answers

What does the mirror hour 14:14 mean?

You have to let go of the time-wasting things in your life and focus on more productive aspects.

Is there something wrong with the time 14:14?

The negative aspects are related to the lack of enthusiasm and desire to do new things.

What animal represents the hour 14:14?

It represents the animal of the buffalo.

What planet is related to the hour 14:14?

It is linked to the planet Earth.

What month is the mirror hour 14:14 associated with?

It is related to the month of November.

What color represents the time 14:14?

It is associated with the color violet.


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