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What does the Mirror Hour 12:12 mean?

On this occasion we share with you the full meaning of the mirror hour 12:12. At the beginning, we must make it clear that it is related to the middle of the day. It is a moment of the day that can positively influence our day to day.

And not only this, but we often find the number 12 in various sacred texts of different religions throughout the world. For example, in the Jewish religion, the 12 tribes of Israel are specifically mentioned in the Old Testament , but also a total of 12 minor prophets. We also find passages where a total of 12 stars that shine around the Virgin Mary are mentioned, and of course, we cannot leave out the 12 apostles who followed Jesus Christ. Do you want to know more about the meaning of the mirror hour 12:12? We will explain it to you below.

Meaning of the mirror hour 12:12 with the Guardian Angels

If you frequently find the hour 12:12, this will indicate that the guardian angels support your ideas, even the most ambitious of them. So you have a good chance that they will end up coming true. However, you must not lose patience and perseverance in your goals , do not leave everything to chance. If you focus on it, your efforts will almost certainly result in success.

As we mentioned before, the mirror hour of 12:12 has a very strong mystical and spiritual background. In fact, it is usually related to mediumship and clairvoyance. If you often come across these numbers, it means that you are a person with a special or very close relationship with the spiritual world . Perhaps you are proficient in the divinatory arts or can easily delve into the field of theology.

Through the presentation of the mirror hour 12:12, the guardian angels invite you to collaborate with them to keep your karma fully balanced . Its energy can be of great help to you to leave behind the bad habits that you have carried over to this day.

We should also mention that the mirror hour 12:12 refers to renewal , to a new beginning. Precisely for this reason you will experience positive changes in your life, be it in love or in the professional field.

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Angelic interpretation of mirror hour 12:12

The guardian angel that is related to this mirror hour is Aniel, his period of influence being from 12:00 to 12:20. He is historically linked with divine encouragement and bravery . He is the one in charge of bringing to human beings the Laws of Creation that help guide us throughout our lives. Thanks to this angelic influence, you will have help in those day-to-day conflicts, as well as other obstacles that you may encounter.

Thanks to Aniel’s influence, you will gain uncommon courage . Listen to your inner voice more than ever and, if possible, meditate to get the answers you need.

What does 12:12 mean in numerology?

The joint value of the mirror hour numbers 12:12 is 24. This number is usually related to positive aspects, both in professional life and in love . However, it also tells us that we must be careful in having a space of freedom for ourselves.

Thus, for example, it may be indicating that we tend to give a lot to other people, but we neglect quality time for ourselves . Remember, this you are not less important than the others, so love yourself and take care of yourself.

It also indicates that friendship and family are two pillars in your life; This can also indicate that you have an important social life . You may even be a person with a natural curiosity that leads you to have new experiences.

If you are looking for something different to happen, keep in mind that the number 24 invites us to make a wish.

Finally, the 24, which is the result of the sum 12:12, indicates that you are a trustworthy and responsible person in your tasks . You are a lover of order and you always keep what you promise. Unfortunately, not all people are like you, so be prepared for disappointment related to this.

What does the mirror hour 12:12 mean in the tarot?

The Tarot card that is linked to the mirror hour 12:12 is The Hanged Man. This arcane is very frequently linked to situations of blockage, as well as incapacity. Therefore, it can be very useful to think about the following : are you going through an uncomfortable situation in which you have lost control? If so, there is good news, it may be time for a release, be it mental or physical.


The meaning by itself of The Hanged Man in the tarot is not positive. Although, we can make use of this symbolism to better accept our blockage or inability and to be able to fight against it in the best possible way. Take advantage of this moment to think and find the best solution to your problems.


Regarding the negative meaning of the mirror hour 12:12 and its correspondence with the tarot, it clearly indicates that you are in a period where you do not continue to advance as before . Whether we are talking about the professional or love field, you are not in control of your life.

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It may also be indicating that the communication is not happening as you had thought. So you will have to solve these problems before you can achieve your goals.


As we have seen, the 12:12 mirror hour has a strong relationship with mystical elements that appear in the history of various religions. It is a mystical number with a strong spiritual relevance that tells us about the support we can receive from our guardian angel, specifically from Aniel.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore its negative aspect; since we could be going through a blocking period in which we can rethink things to establish the best plan to follow and, thus, achieve our objectives in the best possible way.

Mirror hour 12:12 in relation to love and work

12:12 is a special hour that is related to love and work . According to numerology, 12:12 is a lucky number that represents the perfect balance between love and work.

This hour is considered a magical moment in which the deepest desires and intentions can be manifested . If you work in harmony with love, 12:12 can be a very productive and fruitful hour. In the world of work, 12:12 can represent an opportunity to advance in a career or to get a better job.

In love, 12:12 can be a good time for a declaration of love or to make a romantic gesture. If the positive energy of this special hour is harnessed, great things can be achieved.

Archangels by days according to the hour 12:12

  • Monday: Archangel:  Haniel –  Planetary energy:  Venus
  • Tuesday: Archangel:  Zaphkiel –  Planetary Energy:  Saturn
  • Wednesday: Archangel:  Raphael –  Planetary Energy:  Sun
  • Thursday: Archangel:  Gabriel –  Planetary Energy:  Moon
  • Friday: Archangel:  Camaël –  Planetary energy:  Mars
  • Saturday: Archangel:  Mikaël –  Planetary Energy:  Mercury
  • Sunday: Archangel:  Zadkiel –  Planetary energy:  Jupiter

Questions and answers

What does the mirror hour 12:12 mean?

Your deepest ideas related to work will come true.

Is there something wrong with the time 12:12?

You have to take more care of your friendships since they will suffer over time.

What planet is related to the hour 12:12?

It is related to the planet of Uranus.

What month is the mirror hour 12:12 associated with?

It is related to the month of December.

What animal represents the hour 12:12?

It is linked to the animal of the bird.

What color represents the hour 12:12?

It is represented with the strong blue color.

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