What does the Mirror Hour 08:08 mean?

mirror hour 0808

Mirror hour 08:08 is a special hour thanks to which you will be able to find many solutions to the problems that revolve around your natural environment. This is influenced in many ways in everyday life, it’s just that people don’t notice it. In the following paragraphs we want to explain everything you need to know about mirror hour and why it is important. In addition to its different meanings in the areas of mysticism.

Meaning of the mirror hour 08:08 with the Guardian Angels

Many people take advantage of the hour 08:08 to connect with the chief angels of the spiritual world, these are known by many names, they protect you from other entities that seek to destroy the lives of human beings, among which we highlight shinigami , a term originating from Japanese culture, which means god of death .

If you feel that you are going through a difficult stage in your life , it is surely due to one of these evil beings. Thanks to the hour 08:08 you will be able to invoke one of your guardian angels to counteract the influence of the gods of death in your life; they are going to free you from the burden that you have been suffering for a long time.

You should always look for them when you find yourself in a complex moment in life , remember that they will help you in the most complicated situations that you are living in, such as the death of a relative. In the end you will be freed from so much suffering. You just have to leave your load on it.

Keep in mind that this does not mean that you are a person who leaves your responsibilities aside, but that you face your obligations with authority and strength, but with the faith that your guardian angel will fight by your side so that no kind of spell interferes with your plans.

One of the seductive aspects of the guardian angel is that it will help you face the entire mountain class, regardless of the level of difficulty you estimate . There is no such thing as impossible for your angel at 08:08. However, you must consider that his personality presents a lack of perseverance.

When you look at the clock at this time, you can be sure that it is an invitation from the guardian angels, which you can accept through practicing meditation . If you focus on the present moment then you are giving your guardian angel authority to act in such a way as to reduce your stress or anxiety. It will also free you from the burden of your fears and serenity.

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Angelic interpretation of mirror hour 08:08

The angels who respond in the hour 08:08 are known as Wiz-Haiah, their period of influence being between 8:00 in the morning and 8:20 in the morning. Keep in mind that it guarantees kindness and serenity, unlike other angels, whose character is colder, more calculating, and thoughtful. Wiz says what’s on her mind most of the time. This makes it easy to chat with him and receive all the teachings from him, which he has accumulated even since the creation of this universe.

Keep in mind that this is an angel that will help you develop a higher level of intuition than any man. Similar to an Ultra Instinct, you will be able to deal with any problem that life throws at you , no matter what level it takes for your current abilities. The people who try it, at 8.00 in the morning, consider that it is a state of spirituality without equal. You will develop what is known as the ‘divination arts’.

Your essence will also change, you will have a silver aura, and it may even include your hair and eyes, turning them both silver (in the spirit world). Why does this happen? It is the presence of your angel, transmitting energy throughout your body. Always remember to invoke it at this time to help you reject the influence of the shinigami or any spell that people cast against you.

Remember that Wiz will always be ready to help you, in such a way that you will never feel alone. It works with energy and allows you to strengthen your abilities so that you can have stronger armor. A rock on which to cement your projects and your emotional state. In fact, many people who adopt Wiz as his angel become light bearers and gain incredible wisdom.

What does 08:08 mean in numerology?

The value that is attached to this hour in numerology is 16. This number has a high value towards the spiritual world, and can be translated as a radical change in the lives of many people. Once you make it yours, you will have the ability to read others, in what sense? You will be able to develop what is known as ultra instinct, the highest in the category of spiritual battles, considering that it will be difficult to deceive or defeat you .

Your body will respond to situations on its own, in a way that is as effective as it is dangerous for those who try to harm you . You will also be able to observe the facts from different perspectives in a matter of minutes. The negative aspect radiates in time and the skill required to master said state. However, once you achieve it, you will become more efficient when practicing or mastering fields such as meditation, hypnosis, reflexology, and wellness.

In a short time you will become a highly independent person , but you must be careful, since this can bring problems with your family. Many times they do not understand why you want to become independent. So you need to be humble to explain why and why you are getting it.

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On the other hand, you must be cautious, since not all people go as fast as you . This means that your interlocutor can be lost both in the level of skill and in the level of professionalism that you achieve. No matter what you undertake, you will be the best. That is why it is important to embrace 16 whenever it appears. There are many people who do not take advantage of it, either because they do not believe in it or ignore it, be the opposite of them and you will achieve what you have always wanted.

What does 08:08 mean in the tarot?

The number 08:08 coincides with the tarot card called “Justice”. It is card number eight of the Tarot and represents legality, loyalty, respect and the law . A horse also appears in the letter, this means that there are moral values ​​of conduct and it gives you balance for your life.

In addition, this letter will bring honesty and transparency to your life and you will have purer love and family relationships.


An event that you have been waiting for a long time is finally going to materialize. You are going to be lucky with this decision.


It can be linked to a breakout that is coming up soon . If you have a love relationship, take care of it.

Archangels by days according to the time 08:08

  • Monday: Archangel:  Zaphkiel –  Planetary energy:  Saturn
  • Tuesday:   Archangel:  Raphael –  Planetary energy:  Sun
  • Wednesday: Archangel:  Gabriel –  Planetary energy:  Moon
  • Thursday: Archangel:  Camaël –  Planetary energy:  Mars
  • Friday: Archangel:  Mikaël –  Planetary energy:  Mercury
  • Saturday: Archangel:  Zadkiel –  Planetary energy:  Jupiter
  • Sunday: Archangel:  Haniel –  Planetary energy:  Venus

Questions and answers

What does the mirror hour 08:08 mean?

It is your opportunity to achieve the most difficult challenges that you have set for yourself.

Is there something wrong with the time 08:08?

The only bad thing is that you may be close to a love breakup.

What planet is related to the hour 08:08?

It is related to the planet of Jupiter.

What month is the mirror hour 08:08 associated with?

It is related to the month of August.

What animal represents the hour 08:08?

It is linked to the animal of the bird.

What color represents the time 08:08?

It is linked to the color Green.

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