What are Horas Iguais and what does each one mean?

For generations, interpretations of all kinds have been made about what surrounds the human being. From analyzing the parts of your body, analyzing the lines you have on your hand and even linking the hours with your way of being and way of facing the day. For many people, all these leaps of faith are messages received from the universe and can have a direct influence on their life and destiny.

Many people believe that the hours they mark during a day have a spiritual meaning and that they are related to an angelic message, which can mark your destiny and allows you to fulfill unattainable desires.

What are Horas Iguais?

what are Horas Iguais

We can define Horas Iguais as those hours that are repeated in the first number and in the second (that is, the hour coincides with exactly the minute). For example 10:10 22:22 the hour exactly matches the minutes. In total there are 24 Horas Iguais every day of the year (this means that we have hundreds of opportunities to take advantage of them and pay attention to them).

Although many believe that just when you see a mirror hour you have to make a wish, this does not work exactly like that. That would happen with a shooting star but never with a mirror hour. The message that Horas Iguais have for us is related to the universe and the guardian angels that protect it.

Which are Horas Iguais?

We can classify Horas Iguais into two types:

Double Horas Iguais

mirror hour

These are the hours that coincide exactly the same as the first two numbers with the second two. That is to say that the hour is exactly the same as the minutes.

List of double Horas Iguais:

01:01 02:02 03:03 04:04 05:05 06:06 07:07 08:08 09:09 10:10 11:11 12:12 13:13 14:14 15:15 16:16 17:17 18:18 19:19 20:20 21:21 22:22 23:23 00:00

Inverted hours

inverse hours

These are the hours that, unlike the Doubles, the first two numbers do not exactly coincide with the second two, but are exactly the inverse.

List of hours invested:

01:10 02:20 03:30 04:40 05:50 10:01 12:21 13:31 14:41 15:51 20:02 21:12 23:32

Meaning of all Horas Iguais

On this page we are not going to explain the hours in detail, but we do want to give you some features of each of the hours in a general way. Remember that if you want to read the full meaning of each of them you can click on each hour.

00:00 It is time to eliminate all the bad things from our previous day and charge our body with new energy to renew it.

01:01 There is a person close to you who has a secret crush on you. You have to investigate who it is and look at that person.

02:02 Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do or achieve, you have more strength than you think, take advantage of it.

03:03 You have to start trusting people more and stop being so suspicious. This is not doing you any good.

04:04 It’s time for your physical condition and health to be your priority. Take care and take advantage to make a healthy change in your life.

05:05 You have to make new friends to open up new horizons in your life and change your way of thinking.

06:06 You are essential and indispensable for a person you already know, but you don’t have to let yourself be manipulated so much by her.

07:07 This is positive news from the guardian angels, that intense desire that you have will come true if you continue on the right path.

08:08 Do not trust all the people around you, you have to do things calmly and you will succeed.

09:09 You have to stop thinking so much about others and offering them things and start thinking about yourself.

10:10 This number represents the end of the cycle that will bring you many changes in your life, both at work and in love.

11:11 It is linked to the need to take a few days off and disconnect from the whole world.

12:12 It’s a good time to connect with your guardian angels and ask them for a deep wish sincerely.

13:13 The guardian angels indicate that you must make a change, those dreams that you need in your life are going to come true.

14:14 You have to stop wasting time with things that do not bring you anything and take advantage of your full potential.

15:15 Your ex thinks of you, therefore it is a moment of passion and you are about to have a great adventure.

16:16 he Take out all the bad things you have inside and start rebuilding your life from scratch.

17:17 You are going to have relationship problems, but if you overcome them this will make your relationship much stronger and more solid.

18:18 Time to not wonder so many things and start being a better person with others.

19:19 Stop being so lazy and lazy, set yourself a goal and fight for it.

20:20 That person you love is also thinking of you.

21:21 Be confident and enjoy every opportunity. Success will find you.

22:22 That person you love is going to start to be interested in you.

23:23 Something good in your family is going to happen in a short time. It is a sign that you take care of your loved ones and spend more time with them.

Why have I seen a Mirror Hour?

If you see a mirror hour, it could be due to multiple reasons, below we will show you the most common ones.

Guardian angels want to contact you

Guardian angels use Horas Iguais to communicate with people on earth. If you often see a mirror hour, it may mean that you have a guardian angel trying to contact you in a spiritual and transcendental way.

There is a person who is thinking of you

Just as there are multiple factors that mean that if a certain situation happens to you, there is someone thinking of you (like when you drop something on the ground), in Horas Iguais the exact same thing happens, there is someone who is thinking of you.

A disembodied entity seeks to contact you

This case is similar to that of the guardian angel, but in this case it is not an angel that wants to contact you but a being that lived on earth and is already dead. It can be from a relative, to an acquaintance or someone totally unknown to you.

Do you need a change in your life

You may be in a time of not finding yourself and you need answers or a change in your life. You unconsciously look at the time because your brain wants to give you a message that you have to change something in your way of living.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Horas Iguais

One of the main advantages of using Horas Iguais is that it helps us maintain a good balance in our lives. This is because it allows us to take a break from our daily activities and focus on our spiritual well-being. In other words, it helps us realize that there is something more important than money and success.

Another advantage is that it helps us realize that we are spiritual beings. We often forget about this because of our focus on material things. Horas Iguais help us realize that our true essence is not in our body, but in our spirit.

Finally, Horas Iguais also help us realize that we are interconnected beings. We often forget that we are connected to everything that exists. Horas Iguais help us realize that we are connected to all living things and that we are all interconnected. This helps us realize that we are one with the universe.

However, this practice is not without its drawbacks. Next, we will mention some of them:

  1. It can be very difficult to stay alert all night.
  2. It can be hard not to fall into a drowsy or unconscious state.
  3. Horas Iguais can be very stressful on the body and mind, especially if you are not used to staying awake for long periods of time.
  4. If not done correctly, Horas Iguais can disrupt sleep and cause tiredness and fatigue during the day.

How to use the Horas Iguais with the Tarot

The tarot is an ancient form of divination that has been used for centuries to predict the future. The tarot is a form of oracle that is made up of a set of 78 cards, each with a specific meaning. The cards are divided into two groups: the Major Arcana, which are the most important cards and represent the most significant aspects of life, and the Minor Arcana, which are the cards that represent the most trivial aspects of life.

The tarot can be used to predict the future of a person, since each card represents an aspect of life. However, the tarot can also be used to explore a person’s past and present. In fact, the tarot is a very powerful tool for introspection and self-knowledge.

One of the most popular ways to use the tarot is through the Horas Iguais. Horas Iguais are a divination technique that is based on the use of tarot cards to explore a person’s past, present and future. The technique is based on the belief that we all have a mirror in our life, which reflects all our actions and thoughts. According to this belief, if we are able to see our mirror, we will be able to see the path that will take us to the future.

To use Horas Iguais, a tarot set is needed. Each tarot card represents a different aspect of life and can therefore be used to predict a person’s future. To use the technique, the tarot set must be placed on a flat surface, and then a card must be selected at random. This letter will be placed in the center of the surface and will be read aloud. Another random card must then be placed on top of the first card and read aloud. This process should be continued until all the cards have been placed on the surface.

Once all the cards have been laid out, you should take a mirror and look at yourself in it. You should concentrate on the image you see in the mirror and try to see the meaning of each of the cards. This can be difficult, but with practice you can learn to see the meaning of each card.

After you have learned to see the meaning of each card, you can begin to use Horas Iguais to predict the future. To do this, you place the mirror on the randomly selected card and then concentrate on the image you see in the mirror. Next, you should try to see the meaning of the card in the mirror. This can be difficult, but with practice you can learn to see the meaning of the card.

Once you have learned to see the meaning of the card, you can begin to use Horas Iguais to predict the future. To do this, you place the mirror on the randomly selected card and then concentrate on the image you see in the mirror. Next, you should try to see the meaning of the card in the mirror. This can be difficult, but with practice you can learn to see the meaning of the card.

How are Horas Iguais related to Love?

They are related in the same way that love and time are related. Love is a force that connects us all, as it is the very essence of life. Time, on the other hand, is an illusion created by our minds to shape our experiences.

Horas Iguais are a reflection of time, and as such, they are also related to love. According to popular wisdom, when we look at our reflection in a mirror, we are seeing our true self. In the same way, when we look at the reflection of our love in Horas Iguais, we are seeing true love.

Love is the essence of life, and time is an illusion. Horas Iguais show us true love.

How is friendship related to Horas Iguais?

Friendship is an affective relationship between two or more people. It is a bond that is characterized by affection, intimacy, complicity, respect and mutual trust. Friendship is a relationship not only of affection, but also of help and cooperation.

Friendship is one of the most rewarding experiences we can have in life. Through her, we can share our joys, our sorrows, our hopes and our dreams. Friendship helps us grow and enriches us as human beings.

Friendship is linked to Horas Iguais because it is a relationship that is built over time. For friendship to be true, there needs to be a commitment from friends to be present in good times and bad. Friends are human beings who accompany us on the path of life and help us grow and face the challenges that come our way.

Friendship is a relationship that is built day by day, through small gestures of affection, attention and respect. Friends are human beings who accept us as we are, with our strengths and weaknesses. Friendship helps us to be better people.

How are the Planets linked with the Horas Iguais?

The planets are linked to Horas Iguais in a very interesting way. According to the theory, each planet is associated with one of the Horas Iguais, and the positions of the planets in the sky can influence the timing of events on Earth. For example, if the planet Venus is in a position that indicates a mirror time of 1:00 pm, events on Earth are likely to occur at that time.

Relationship between dreams and Horas Iguais

Many people believe that dreams are linked to Horas Iguais. According to this theory, people are more likely to have dreams in the Horas Iguais of their lives. For example, if someone sleeps 2-3 hours a night, they are more likely to have dreams between 2 and 3 in the morning. This is because the brain is more active during these hours.

Frequently Asked Questions about Horas Iguais

What is a Mirror Hour?

These are the hours that exactly coincide with the hour and the minute. For example 12:12 or 15:15

How many Horas Iguais are there?

There have always been and always will be a total of 24 Horas Iguais, which correspond to the hours and minutes of a day.

Is it positive to see a Horas Iguais?

YES! If you’ve just seen a Mirror Hour and are wondering if it’s positive, be glad it’s unusual.

Is it dangerous to see a Horas Iguais?

There is nothing dangerous or bad about it, Seeing a mirror hour is something very special.

Are Horas Iguais related to the months of the year?

Indeed, each mirror hour can be linked to a month of the year.

Are Horas Iguais related to the days of the year?

Indeed, each mirror hour can be linked to a day of the year.

Do Horas Iguais relate to an animal?

Each mirror hour represents a terrestrial animal.

Are Horas Iguais related to the planets?

Each mirror hour represents a planet and its properties.

Are tarot and Horas Iguais connected?

Horas Iguais can be linked to the meaning of the tarot and are completely complementary.

Explanatory video about Horas Iguais